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Structural Insulated Panels Win Against Extreme Weather

Structural insulated panels withstand Mother Nature's power on a regular basis. Fire, tornadoes, earthquakes, and hurricanes demolish thousands of stick-frame homes every year. These same storms leave structural insulated panel homes with little-to-no structural damage.

SIPs stand up to tornadoes

Tornado damage in Sumner County, TN
Tornado damage in Sumner County, TN
Courtesy of Team Industries via energysmartky.com

The Southeast and Mid-West have been ravaged by tornadoes this year. SIP homes have repeatedly withstood the 200 mph winds that are delivered by extreme tornadoes. Sun Spaces shares this story,

"One example of how well SIPs have taken on tornadoes is related to a couple living in Tennessee. Mac and Kim Chelsey built their two story home out of SIPs because the material promised more durability, energy efficiency, and a quieter environment than found in stick built homes. They did not expect to be woken by the horrendous noise of a tornado barreling down on their new home. Imagine their relief when their SIP home withstood the 200 mph winds and the only damage to their house was two broken windows and a few loose roof shingles."

SIPs take on earthquakes.

1995 Earthquake in Kobe Japan
Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake, Photo by Masahiko Ohkubo.

SIP building systems have achieved the highest designation, Class 6 Seismic Designation, for building materials in the State of California.

In January 1995, a severe earthquake (7.2 on the Richter scale) devastated Kobe, a Japanese city of over one million people located southwest of Tokyo. Elevated highways (designed to withstand earthquakes) toppled, railways were destroyed, and entire blocks of houses were leveled. More than 5,000 died and hundreds of thousands were left homeless.

Six homes, located just miles from the quake's epicenter, used SIP building systems and withstood the "Great Han shine" earthquake. Damage from the earthquake can be seen in the above photo.

SIP's face hurricanes

Damage to Isle of Palms, SC after Hurricane Hugo
Damage to Isle of Palms, SC after Hurricane Hugo
Courtesy of "The State" newspaper via NOAA

The exceptional strength of structural insulated panels are designed to resist typical loads caused by seismic activity and high winds.

With the more recent onslaught of hurricanes we have experienced, we have a few examples of SIP's strength: In 1989, hurricane Hugo hit the city of Charleston with full force, however the Mayor's Council on the Homeless project for low-income residents had recently finished three cottages built with SIP systems. These cottages withstood the hurricane with no structural damage, while adjacent homes suffered serious structural damage, including loss of roofs and walls. The council continued to order 7 further homes knowing how well SIP's can stand up to hurricanes. A recent example is when Hurricane Harvey passed over Houston, TX in 2017. Below are a few photos from Jack Pegram's SIP home and farm, where the eye of the storm passed directly over. The farm and shed were torn to pieces, however he stated: "my SIP home hasn't taken any damage at all! The siding had a few dents, but the building is no worse for wear."

photos from Jack Pegram - 1

photos from Jack Pegram - 2

photos from Jack Pegram - 3

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