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ACME Panel

Structural Insulated Panel Laminating & Services

At ACME Panel, we are committed to providing the services you need to finish your project.

Insect resistant foams | MgO Panels | Neopor Foam | Lamination Services
Panel Layout and Design
We translate your traditional plans into a panel layout and generate your quote accordingly so you can make your decision. Detailed drawings are provided with each completed contract, showing full panel layout and construction details. We will number all panels for easy identification and install.
Advanced Engineering
Our structural engineer has extensive experience with SIP projects. Our code report does show SIP's structural properties and if needed can provide stamped plans. We are one of the very few manufacturers with a Florida code product approval, proving we can easily engineer buildings in any state.
Installation/Building Assistance & Support
Whether it is answering questions over the phone, training your builder, providing a supervisor to manage your crew, or sending our own experienced installers to do the job, our class-A contractor is committed to doing whatever it takes to provide the support you need.
Custom Panel Pre-Cutting
We can cut panels to size and rout the inserts to fit your building so they can be assembled on site quickly and easily. Meeting individual needs is our specialty.
We deliver panels to any jobsite in the continental US; quick delivery available to sites in the Mid-Atlantic and South! Call for pricing; approximately $2.50-$3.50/loaded mile, depending on distance and load size.
Preservative Insecticide for EPS Foam
We offer SIPs made with EPS foam coated with Preventol®, a termite protection using a preservative insecticide with low water solubility and higher effectiveness at lower doses than borate salts. For more information, visit this SIP additive manufacturer's website. Price will vary depending on panel size. Please allow for longer lead times as this is a special-order product.
Chase Cuts
Channels pre-cut into the foam at the factory to allow for easier electrical wiring on the jobsite.

MgO Panels

Fireproof, waterproof, moldproof MgO Panels are great for hard to build areas. You can prime and paint right on the panels, condensing many steps into one. The panels are great for renovating an existing basement for extra insulation, or for temporary buildings you need erected quickly.

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Neopor foam SIP's: If some is good, more is better.

Need more R-value in a tighter wall space?
ACME makes high quality Neopor panels.

Neopor is formed by injecting graphite into the EPS foam during the manufacturing process. This creates higher R-values per square inch of foam.

EPS VS. Neopor

Contact us for prices.
ThicknessEPSNeo pore
4 ˝"R-16R-20
6 ˝"R-24R-30
8 ˝"R-32R-40

Lamination Services

Need something different? We have laminated most everything!
T-1- 11 Siding, 5/8 CVX plywood, finish veneers, FRP board, DuraSip, you name it.

Example of Quality: We are currently producing MetsaWood, a structural insulated header from large laminated wood and Neopor foam. MetsaWood tried working with 2 other manufacturers in the past, both of whom failed to provide a reliable manufactured product. We first encountered problems with the product because the large laminated boards had a very high moisture content. After developing product testing system for MetsaWood, we continue to produce strong, high quality products today.

Our Custom Presses allow us to assemble almost any type of panel quickly and cost effectively.
Call us for ACME Reliability and value on your next lamination job!

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