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ACME Panel

ACME Panel structural insulated panels help save energy!

Using ACME Panel SIPs for your cleaner, more efficient building is the greatest single step you can take to reduce the lifetime energy use of the building. Correspondingly, you will reduce the carbon footprint, particulate matter, and the sulphur pollution needed to generate energy.

ACME Panel SIPs use less energy than traditional construction in three main ways:

  • R-Values are significantly higher — up to 100% greater for the same thickness wall
  • Air infiltration is five times less, resulting in less heating and cooling loss
  • Smaller HVAC systems, using less energy, are needed to heat and cool the same space

ACME Panel astounds!
The result is that SIP test homes have repeatedly demonstrated annual energy savings of 50% to 60%. For the average SIP building this translates to:
  • Removing one automobile from the road
  • Reducing the amount of carbon dioxide produced over the life of the building by 1,320,000 lbs
  • Saving $30,000 in energy costs over a typical mortgage period
  • Putting 6 kilowatts of solar panels on your roof (for an installed cost of about $42,000)

BUT, at ACME Panel we are not content to rest there:

While SIPs are green — ACME Panel SIPs are even greener.
Help us continue to reduce the carbon emissions that are warming our planet.
ACME Panel saves the planet

Any way you look at it, ACME Panel SIPs are a wise investment for you and for the planet!

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