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ACME Panel

ACME Panel. America's Greenest SIP Company. Period.

Building with structural insulated panels is a huge benefit to the environment and is the most effective way to save millions of pounds of carbon emissions. But what about your supplier?

Since day one, we have practiced sustainability from the ground up:

  • Our factory is a completely refurbished building that used to be an abandoned rubber plant.
  • A full retrofit with high-efficiency lighting and machinery reduces our energy consumption.
  • In 2010, we installed 360 solar panels that supply over 75% of our office and factory operations with green, renewable energy.
  • In 2012, we established a Sustainable Forestry Initiative supply chain to ensure that all of our OSB is sustainably harvested.
  • We save hundreds of gallons of fuel on deliveries by being closer to your projects in our Mid-Atlantic and Southeast target areas.
  • ACME Panel donates panels to projects that build community such as Habitat for Humanity, food banks, and local arts.
  • Our daily business practices:
    • Create building designs that reduce waste and conserve energy.
    • Recycle in the office: mixed paper products, cans, plastic, glass, office supplies, ink cartridges, and computer and electrical equipment.
    • In the factory, we strip all our SIP scraps and send waste foam back to the manufacturer for reuse.

All else being equal, why not buy from the leader in sustainability?

Wait until you see what we do next!!

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